As the leading voice of the industry, the Beer Industry League of Louisiana and its members across the state continually promote the responsible and legal sale and consumption of their malt beverage products. We are committed to the proven state based system of alcohol regulation and support compliance with and enforcement of state and local laws designed to prevent the sale or service of alcohol to minors.

The key to progress when fighting alcohol-related abuse is education and information. This includes:

  • Programs that encourage responsible consumption at professional sporting events and other public functions.
  • Promotion of responsible and safe consumption through national and regional advertising campaigns.
  • Support of the Louisiana Responsible Vendor Program that requires mandatory training for all servers of alcohol, which includes techniques to check ID’s, information related to how alcohol affects the body in order to identify intoxicated patrons and methods to properly deny sales or service.
  • Support of designated driver and free taxi ride programs that have served as major factors in reducing drunk driving.
  • Promotion of education initiatives that invite guest speakers to schools to share personal experiences involving alcohol abuse.
  • Support programs that prevent the illegal sale of beer over the Internet.