The current total economic contribution from the beer industry to the state of Louisiana is over $1.8 billion annually. It is a large and dynamic part of the state’s economy that creates millions of dollars in wages and tax revenue.

The beer industry is supported by a consumer friendly, state regulated three-tier system focusing on the needs of the consumer. There are 10 brewers, 32 wholesalers and over 12,000 retail establishments which employ well over 20,000 This generates over $251 million in wages and benefits and creates a direct economic value of $868 million for the state.

Today there are more than 200 malt-beverage brands sold in Louisiana with an equivalent in annual beer sales that have exceeded 50,211,113

Businesses such as packaging manufacturers and shipping companies that provide products and services for the production, distribution and sale of malt beverages give back to the economy as well. By purchasing and consuming products and services from other businesses, often in areas far removed from the original economic activity, they add to the economy.

The latest study shows a number of supply categories that are impacted by the beer industry. They include agriculture, construction, finance, transportation and tourism, to name a few. These support industries are estimated to create another 9,905 jobs, paying wages over $280 million and contributing to a total economic value of over $800 million.